Camera Filters enable you to enhance the image as you take it

We have both square filter systems and round filters.

Square filters use slide in filters and can be stacked for multiple effects. Round filters screw directly to the front of the lens.

A circular polarizer (CPL) is a great addition to any photographer’s gear bag. It is inexpensive but can have a big effect on the right type of scene. A circular polarizer effectively cuts down reflections on water, making it an ideal accessory for seascapes and other images that contain bodies of water. It has the same effect for other highly reflective surfaces such as glass or polished steel. Furthermore, it adds contrast and saturation to a clear sky, giving it a nice-looking deep blue. Athabasca have crafted RAZOR, the worlds thinnest Circular Polarizer range of filters to provide maximum performance with minimum added weight and size.
UV and protector filters, on the other hand, are used as a way to shield the front lens element from scratches and smudges without visible degradation of image quality. Athabasca are the worlds first filter manufacturer to incorporate Gorilla Glass into their filters, creating the worlds strongest protective Filters.
Neutral Density (ND) Filters allow you to reduce the amount of light entering the camera, allowing for longer exposures. Neutral Density filters come in a range of grades to allow you to control how long the exposure will be to achieve the effect you want. Athabasca have created the most durable square filters by tempering the glass in their BLADE square filters, making them much more resistant to accindntal breakage, and at the same time 40% thinner and lighter, so you can carry less weight, adn travel further to capture the perfect shot. 

Our selection of ND, CPL, UV, and protector filters all have slim profiles to keep the size and weight down down and avoid vignetting, even when used on wide-angle lenses. They are digital multi-coated to keep unwanted flare and reflections down and prevent loss of contrast when shooting in sunny outdoor conditions.

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